Monday, July 24, 2006

Why I don't live in the GD suburbs!!!! Gah!!!!

Today I am working out at this great company in a town west of Boston.

Really, I don't like to travel more than about a mile past the city limits, but today I did. And boy was I ever reminded of WHY I don't travel more than a mile past the city limits.

So there I am going along in the Blue Bomber at a comfy 65 mph (the Bomber is old and wheezy, 65 is like lightspeed for the poor fella).

I am about to get off at my exit when suddenly I have to slam down on the brakes to avoid smashing into the car in front of me, and the car that is suddenly now beside me, cars are screeching to near halts and swerving all over the place. Iced coffee shoots from the cup holder, spraying across the front windshield, the smell of something burning fills the car, the semi behind me is trying not to fishtail, and my stomach has turned into liquid jelly.

Holy near major pile up!

Thankfully no one is smushed at that time, and I look to see what is causing everyone to scatter at high speeds....

THREE GEESE!!!! Three friggin' geese on the highway!!!!

Dumb birds! Dumb people!

I actually called the State Police. What a stupid sounding called that must have been.

You would never see this in the city, thank you very much.

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