Sunday, July 09, 2006

Why I am no fun today, or Why Gold's Gym Sucks!

I have no idea why I even belong to a gym, and now I am actually excited to get rid of my gymnastic albatross.

Last month I changed bank accounts. I usually use online bill pay. I forgot that the gym just helps themself to my money out of my account.

So today I thought I would just pop on down to the gym and give them my new information and let them keep on taking my money because quite frankly I just feel fitter with a gym membership even if I only go like twice a year.

They take my new card and proceed to charge me not only for the month but then they tack on a twenty dollar fee!

When I ask about this fee I am referred to the biggest penis in the industry named "Rhymes With John" (not his real name, exactly...). I asked not to be charged this fee since they didn't have to do anything to collect the money. The fee is what the collection agency would charge and it didn't go to collection.

He props his leg up on the desk and leans over and proceed to talk to me like I am completely retarded, telling me that it's not his problem that I can't pay my bills on time and that if he had to take the time to call all the thousands of clients who don't pay then that's all he would be doing, among other things. Pay my bills on time? I changed bank accounts!

Let me see if I get this correctly: I pay $40 per month for a gym that I never go to, never talk to any of the employees, have been a member for four years, and they would really have me cancel my membership over $20?

They are even more stupid than I am.

But what pisses me off is that "Rhymes with John" was just such a jerk, it made me mad. I haven't been mad for a long time, or talked to like that in a while either. So now I have to go in tomorrow afternoon and speak to the manager. Ugh.

And in case you're curious, it's the Gold's Gym in Southie and really considering the competition, you'd think that they'd try to keep members.

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