Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Missing Diamond Dave

There are a few things in life that just put a person in a better mood.

Maybe you win on a scratch card, or get a whole jar of bread & butter pickles for yourself, or find ten bucks in your pants you're about to wash, whatever it is it makes you really thrilled for a few minutes.

That's what Diamond David Lee Roth does to me.

Not the new scary macrobiotic radio talk show host David Lee Roth, but the old spandex sportin' frizzy haired Van Halen rockin' Diamond Dave.

Who would grab onto his crotch and jump around the stage kicking and singing and waggling his tongue suggestively to the ladies. To any ladies.

So when I hear "Beautiful Girls" or "California Girls" or "Hot for Teacher" or "Everybody Wants Some" or "Panama", it makes me happy.

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