Monday, July 17, 2006

About a million screaming rednecks...

Yesterday I was at the Kenny Chesney country fest at Gillette Stadium, and all that kept going through my head was the fragment of a Cletus T. Judd song "I Love Nascar" which is the title of this post.

Although, this being New England, perhaps they aren't so much rednecks as rubberneckers.


All the girls came to see Kenny and all the boys came to see the girls who came to see Kenny.

Who by the way is also gay. Which by the way has never deterred me. I feel like 80% of my crushes are on gay men.

But every single girl there had on a cutoff mini denim skirt and either a bikini top or a tank top. Which after a while starts to make everyone look alike.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself - we started tailgating around 11:30am which was crazy since it was about 9 million degrees and we were tailgating in the middle of a great big parking lot.

A great big dusty hot parking lot.

Our neighbors a few trucks down had music enough for everyone, the Tennessee flag was flying (which was referred to as the Texas flag, so you knew you were in New England. Confusing Texas and Tennessee to a Southerner is like telling a New Englander that Big Papi is one hell of a running back. ) and everyone was drinking domestic beer, y'all.

The early favorite of the night was Big & Rich. They are great entertainers and they really got the crowd going. Not only that but John Rich wears spangled pants and for some reason I think that is soooooooooo sexy. If he'd been wearing a sparkly kilt, I definitely would have rushed the stage. This is clearly why I am still single.

The only odd part of their show was when they brought out Mike, who seemingly is a two foot dancing machine, Though I am not sure how I feel about the whole Two-Foot Mike thing, I kind of got the feeling that they were going to bowl him or something.

So - how was your weekend?

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