Monday, July 31, 2006

Awful Alchol - Why do I love you so?

Ha ha, Mel Gibson got caught drinking and ranting!!!

Turns out he has an ego the size of Delaware, is anti-Semitic, and a drunk-driver.

Bad boy!

But then I have to laugh because everyone seems so surprised and shocked. Whatever.

Hey, when you drink you do stupid sh*t.

Who hasn't experienced the peculiar awkwardness of drunk dialing. I've drunk dialled and I've been drunk dialled and both are funny after about 12 hours.

Or drunk confessions. For me personally it takes about three beers before the beer googles come down. Sad but true that I have confessed undying devotion to the most wildly inappropriate people after several bevvies.

Or even better, drunk decision making. At Thanksgiving my entire drunken family and our equally drunken friends planned an elaborate trip that went from Dubai to Albania to the vineyards of France, on to Argentina, and a few other places beyond. Sounded completely reasonable to me. Heck, I am STILL waiting for my tickets.

People do cringe-worthy stuff under the influence. It's a fact of the substance.

Now everyone is talking about how Mel Gibson's career is completely over. And I say, GET OVER IT.

Granted I much prefer his Mad Max stuff to his Mad Jesus tangent, but that's just me.

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