Saturday, July 22, 2006

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A while back my sister and I had the privilege of sharing a red 'Vette.

Granted it was a Chevette, but it went forward and backward and that's all that was pretty much required of it.

However, the 'Vette had previously been my Dad's car. His theory is that as autos have no appreciation value, you might as well drive them into the ground.

Therefore by the time the car was passed onto us it had lost the power steering and the power brakes, and parts of the engine were wrapped in duct tape, among other things. To come to a complete stop you had to press the brake pedal all the way to the floor and use the steering wheel for leverage. It's embarrassing how many people we "kissed" with the car.

Why on earth would I be thinking about this now you wonder?

Well repairing engines with duct tape is apparently a pretty common thing among people who know stuff about engines and crap. Coming from a girl who has to have confirmation that motor oil goes into the hole marked engine oil, you can see how I am impressed.

I knew about duct tape before I knew about scotch tape. Sometimes birthday presents came taped up with duct tape. And one of the things that frustrated me at an early age was the fact that if you don't know what you are doing, duct tape tears the long way. And that mysteriously women often use it to tape up the twins when wearing a low cut dress.

These are the "common" uses for duct tape.

If you happened to pick up the Boston Herald today, you would have seen the following headline: THEY USED DUCT TAPE TO FIX BOLTS.


Because using duct tape to hold up heavy slabs of concrete doesn't seem like a great use of the product. Not in the way using duct tape to fix a carburator seems like a good idea.

You know, even when those cursed tunnels open again, I bet that people are going to be driving through them at about Mach 203.

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