Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wooooo ooooo Weeeeee oooooooo

It the sweet escape!!!!

I love Miss. Gwen Stefani, and even more so now after seeing her on American Idol (I canceled my cable remember - I am watching all sorts of crap).

However, the saxatrumpobophonist next door seems to be taking a break from practice to play Sweet Escape over and over again.

Perhaps he hoping to learn how to play it on the saxatrumpobophone.

I dunno, but I do know that I used to like the wooooooooo oooooo weeeeee ooooooooo and now I am not so sure about that.

My favorite four letter "F" word


Like the Boston Community Change Card.

There are a bunch of merchants around the Boston area that are part of the program and basically you swipe your card to get rebates and earn donations that can be applied toward the non-profit or school of your choice. Be a good citizen just for shopping, how awesome is that!

And it's free! Sign up now: SIGN UP FOR A CAHD

So, so, so SO wrong. Wrong!

It kills me that this ad makes me laugh out loud.

Especially since it is for such a crappy product. But it totally made me laugh AND I am kinda curious about french fried chicken.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Saxatrumpobophone - Part 2

It sort of sounds like Kenny G is smoking crack and playing the saxatrumpobophone next door.

Who plays like that?

My heart is beginning to race from listening to those speedy scales he is racing through!

Monday, March 26, 2007


That is the noise that my neighbor makes on his saxatrumpobophone.

I am not entirely positive what instrument it is but sometimes it sounds like Kenny G, other times it's just a couple of notes over and over and over and over and over again.

Usually I can sort of tune it out and quite honestly the repetitive notes sometime lull me to sleep. But last night my Evil Twin came over with take out and we're just digging in when the sound begins.

At first I don't notice it at all but I realize that my sister is sort of staring at me, her head cocked and her ears up. My mom has the same pose when she is trying to hear if my dad is in the kitchen sneak-eating ice cream straight out of the container.

That's when I hear it too - waaaaaaaauuuunnnnnn

She is still trying to figure out if it's her phone, or a bagpipe, or a dying loon, or god knows what.

And I am pissing my self from laughing so hard!

Once the four notes begin, well we just lose it completely.

At least it's not the drunken rendition of Billy Joel's entire songbook at 4am the neighbors on the other side likes to whip out on occasion.

Funny how things can go from teeny tiny to ten ton.

Ok - so back in February I got pulled over for a burned out headlight.

Truthfully I didn't think I would get a ticket. The policeman asked me for my license and registration, took about 20 minutes to write up a ticket and then handed it over to me and drove off.

The only other time I got pulled over was about 10 years ago when I went through a yellow light and got a lengthy lecture about the perils of running yellow lights - not helping matters was the fact I was with two of my girlfriends and we'd just come back from the beach and were all wearing bathing suits!

But anyway, I send the ticket in for appeal because quite frankly the officer should have just told me to fix it and bring the car by the station the next day to show that it was fixed. Apparently that is the usual deal.

(Here in Massachusetts if you get a moving violation, no matter what it's for, it goes on your record and pushes up the cost of your insurance for something like seven years.So everyone appeals, no matter what.)

After a while I begin to wonder about this ticket that I sent in. Not hearing from the court is just as bad as hearing from them.

To make a long and boring story short:

- The court mailed me a hearing date, which I didn't get because...
- The post office coded the envelope wrong which resulted in....
- The hearing notice being sent back to the court marked "Undeliverable" which....
- Meant that I unintentionally skipped the hearing which resulted in....
- A notice being sent to the Registry of Motor Vehicles to....
- SUSPEND my drivers license!

In order to fix this problem I had to:

- Go to the clerk's office at the Court and request a second hearing which....
- I was really lucky to get at all! Then I had to take that notice to....
- The Registry of Motor Vehicles stand in line for a ticket to...
- Talk to the Suspension teller who then ...
- Referred me to the Hearing Officer who....
- Put a note in the system to not suspend my license and to...
- Generate a second hearing!

Evidently I have to wait another 4-6 weeks for a hearing, but you can bet that I will be calling the clerk's office every other day in 2 weeks time!

Not to mention the hullaballoo I had to raise at the post office. But that is another post for another day.

This is why people try to evade the po-po.

What a pain!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Universal Hub - not a device

I was wondering why I had so many hits on this blog over the weekend.

Turns out that my new crush was revealed on Universal Hub.

Which I realize now is not a computer device but a website of all things Hub (aka: Boston) related.

According to my friend The Doug, that would make me the Sofa King.

Especially as how one dear reader even took the trouble to alert me to that fact.
Well, it's a good thing I am good looking.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Space Rocks!

Now that I am back to basic cable (Call the Cops, BNN, Thursday night.. must remember!) I have rediscovered the joys of NASA TV.

I forgot how cool it is to watch the interviews from the space station, and how they map the shuttle path as it crosses the skies, and how truly amazing it is that there are fragile little humans in a tin can waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up in the sky.


Check out this neat website that has a clickable map of photos of the Earth that have been taken by astronauts: Click the Map - you know you wanna!

Earthrise at Christmas - 1968

Friday, March 16, 2007

Snow Day!

It's Friday afternoon, it's practically a blizzard out (yes I know it was 70 degrees on Tuesday) and I am at home watching C-Span!

These congressional hearings and Valerie Plame Wilson's testimony is actually really interesting.

All I need now is a pizza and a six-pack!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My new crush!

So I finally cancelled my Crapcast cable service, but I still get local channels.

One of those local channels is BNN (Boston Neighborhood Network) and usually they air these totally wacky, cat-lady singer, two-people yakking, type shows.

Except for tonight I flicked over and it was this show called "Call the Cops" and I am HOOKED.

It was hosted by Officer Jamie Kenneally (who is HOT and HILARIOUS) and I swear it was the best hour of tv I have watched all week. It should be required watching for everyone who thinks cops are aggressive bullies who just want to be mean because this guy is the opposite of that.

Because like I said, Officer Kenneally is HOT and funny and very down to earth - even when his mother called during the show, he answered and told her he would call her right back.

Tonight he hosted the Captain from Southie and they were talking about the upcoming St. Patricks Day parade. I usually avoid going within 5 miles of Southie at St. Patty's day, but if Officer Kenneally is going to be there, I am SO going this year!

"Call the Cops" - watch it next week, Thursday at 7pm. Really, it is your civic duty.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Everyone Blames the Unicorn

Face it, when the sh*t hits the fan I know you secretly blame the unicorn.

Just like this man.

Ahhh hahahhahahah!(Image from Anonymous)

You know he meant it about the unicorn, he just has a really great lawyer.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I would call that a two point conversion

Rumor has it that the delicious munchkin maker known as Tom Brady has scored a two point conversion.

Not only has he poked the hole out of Bridget's donut, but it's rumored that he did the same to Gisele.

If it is true, THAT would be funny!

Now that Marty Won One

I just have to say that the rat running across the balcony rail at the end of The Departed was too much.

Marty please.

And how come you used the Rolling Stones for mood music? Why not Aerosmith or The Cars?

Since You're Gone would have been a good choice, or Seasons of Wither.

Using the Rolling Stones is so Goodfellas.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

1 in 176 million

Of course I bought a Mega Millions ticket for the drawing tonight.

How else am I going to win $300,000,000?


** UPDATE: I didn't win darn it! I was SO ready to become a lady of leisure! ***

Baby it's cold outside!

Oh my holy bone chilling cold out Batman!

After being cocooned all day at "work" I dashed out to meet a friend for a drink downtown. The 20 second scurry from the cah to the bah nearly froze the nose off my face.


I am ready to move to Barbados baby!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


The Muddy Rudder/Thuddy Rudder/Big John show on Saturday night ROCKED!

Not only was Fanueil Hall awash in uniformed hotness, but the music was fantastic and they raised over $1200 for the orphanage in El Salvador.

The bar even created a special drink called the Big John in honor of the USS JFK that was actually pretty tasty after a while.

My only one regret is that I didn't win the Durgin Park beanpot.
Major bummer.

Double Standards Suck

Which is worse:

A) Finding out that your pastor was having sex with a male prostitute, and obtaining and using crystal meth.


B) Finding out that your ACLU chapter president had downloaded child pornography for personal use, consisting primarily of images of the violent rape of very young girls.


Do the names Ted Haggard or Charles Rust-Tierney ring a bell?

If one doesn't you should be appalled.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Come out come out wherever you are!!!!!

Two of my favorite things are happening this weekend:

1. The fleet is in. Sort of. Well the USS JFK is in. And that means lots of guys in uniform which I absolutely cannot resist.

2. The Muddy Rudders are playing. Well I think they are calling themselves the Thuddy Rudders due to the fact that they are more percussion this time or something or other. Whatev.

The beauty of this situation is that they are playing at Fanueil Hall, which is where all the uniforms default too. Whoo hoo!

So not only do I get to go see the official band of Shamrag, but I also get to thank our men in uniform personally! Again, whoo hoo!

I should prolly add that they are playing for charity (a South American orphanage) so why the hell not go.

And even if you can't go but still want to give a little Sham-lovin' I will be happy to put bling in the bin for you.

Check 'em out here: Muddy Ruddahs


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Uncle Betty

For some curious reason my neighbor thinks the tv show "Ugly Betty" is called "Uncle Betty".

That makes no sense to me.

Why on earth would it be Uncle Betty?

But then this is the same neighbor who cut down hedges to spite the neighbor who makes us all nuts and in the process cut through her own power cord.

And who freely admits to smoking what I refer to as "copious amounts of ganja" - at the ripe old age of 70+.

Eh, well, to each their own I 'spose.