Thursday, July 13, 2006

100% Humidity

I am not sure what is going on around here, but I am positive that there are four horsemen about to ride into Boston...


First the airport tunnel collapsed, killing a woman. I mean the thing collapses at 11pm and STILL manages to kill someone! Imagine the carnage if it had fallen during rush hour.

Not only would Matt "Ain't No Flies On Me" Amarello have been hung, drawn, and quartered, but the bits would be strung up and left to fly over the tolls at the Ted Williams tunnel.

(In case you aren't completely familiar with the complexities of Boston politics, Matt Amarello is the head of the Turnpike Authority, the last true place in Boston that a state rep can get a job for his girlfriends junkie ex-con brother. Amarello has come under fire for Big Dig waste and pretty much everyone in Massachusetts wants him to resign.)

It will be interesting to see what kind of review board Amarello puts together to review the safety issues within the tunnel system. I bet it's the same people who said that a little water damage was no biggie.

Then yesterday and today have been at like 100% humidity. Which means rain if you didn't know.
But what makes this rain icky is that it is also hot.

Hot rain is like sitting down on a seat that someone just left and your can still feel their bum heat.
It's disgusting.

No wonder everyone in Boston is a bit on the cranky side.

Oh yeah.

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