Saturday, July 16, 2005

Forget Ca-Noodling, try Oakie Noodling!

I wish I knew the kinds of people who wade chest deep into a lake and stick their duct-taped hands into catfish lairs, then grab the damn fish with their bare hands.

If I knew these kinds of people I would be out gigging and drinking instead of sweating and blogging.

What ELSE weighs in at 14 friggin' pounds?

A woman in Kentucky gave birth to a FOURTEEN baby.

Unlike the woman in Wisconsin last month who gave birth to a 13lb 12oz baby which they then nicknamed "Big Enchilada".

I shit you not.

Don't believe me, click this.

Quite frankly, it literally gives me a pain to think about it.

And it got me thinking: What else weighs 14 pounds?

A medium sized turkey.
A portable kyack
A bowling ball
A brown trout
A case of circus peanuts

Now would anyone want to birth any of the above?

I think not.