Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Celebrity Train Wrecks

I cannot STAND Star Jones-Reynolds.

What in the name of Sam Hill is WRONG with the woman!??!

She used to be fat and funny and smart.

Now she's less fat, ugly, and a bitch!

It is obvious that dieting makes you cranky.
And also not having sex with your gay hubby.

And if you doubt that part, have a looky-loo at the excerpt of her book at People.com

It made me throw up in my mouth.

Especially the part where she talks about the first time she bonked Big Gay Al. How he looks like a Ralph Lauren model with legs like a stallion.

OK, here's the deal:

1) If he looks like a Ralph Lauren model, he is gay. All gay men are hot and should all be models. And all Ralph Lauren models are gay. It's a fact.

2) Legs like a stallion?? No, no Star sweetie, the line is "he BONKS like a stallion". You need a new editor. And yes, your husband is STILL gay.

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