Saturday, July 29, 2006

So long Cosmic Muffin.

Growing up in Boston there are three things from the radio that I will never forget, even when I am a palsied, moth-eaten old biddy.

Number One: The KISS-108 morning show jingle, sing it with me people!!

"Eeeeveryyyyday, I'ma maaaaaakin' ma waayyyyy to Maaatty... in th'mornin!"

Number Two: Sunny Jo White, my first and only crush on a DJ who got me to listen to Donna Summer and Hot Chocolate. Although Arnie "Woo Woo" Ginsberg (It's solid gold!) sticks out as a close second.

Number Three: Darrell Martinie, the official astrologer of Massachusetts, also known as the Cosmic Muffin. Sadly he passed away last week and that is too bad. He used to get on the radio and give these complicated astrological reports like "well mercury is in retrograde and that's going to cause conflict in the rising house of aquarius". Huh? Couldn't he just say "hey all you Pisces, be careful today and you'll be lucky in love tomorrow"?

But the Cosmic Muffin made you think and he had a great on-air personality and I always believed that if the Russians were going to nuke us, the Muffin would alert us during his daily morning report.

Somehow now the world seems a little less safe.

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