Monday, October 24, 2005

Posting your pee-pee on the Internet.

Now, I will be the first to admit out loud that I am totally addicted to Mr. Craigslists Casual Encounters.

I know for a FACT that my other friends are addicted too, but they don't have to fill blog pages so I will leave them be - for now.

ANYWAY, back to my original point. Did you know that people really are not shy about posting pictures of their bits and pieces online?

It reveals a side to Massachusetts that I was completely unaware of.

Some of the things that left a lasting impression (for better or worse I suppose):

1. You learn something new every day, and today that lesson was of the Cleveland Steamer sort. Personally I would NEVER let someone else crap on any part of my body because quite frankly, crap belongs in a toilet, or in a hole in the woods covered by leaves. However if YOU are curious about this exercise, there is someone on Casual Encounters to try this with.

2. About one in five of every pee-pee photo shows a peeper that points to the right. At first I thought that this was the work of one desperate poster, but upon closer inspection I have determined that there are quite a few wonky willys looking for action.

3. Like the regular Personal Ads, the folks of Casual Encounters have, for the most part, completely unreasonable expectations of what they think are going to get. In straight up ads everyone is looking for "hot" and "thin" and "funny", and for this you get drinks and maybe dinner. In Casual Encounters everyone is also looking for "hot" and "thin", although "funny" not so much, however instead of drinks and maybe dinner, you must be willing to perform a bewildering array of sexual hijinks with a total stranger. Hmmmmmmm, I dunno about this. I mean really, see #2.

And truly people are left alone to post all their wild, perverse, entertaining, intriguing, and wishful desires. Unlike the deranged denziens of Rants and Rave, the quirky folk of CE don't Re:re:RE:re;re:re:rE:re each other to death. It's the last place to live and let live in silent judgement.

Especially the guy who dresses up like a gladiator, quotes the movie Gladiator in his post, and can't decide between a JO or a LTR. Or the guy who poses with his pee-pee in one hand and surrounded by the messiest bedroom I have ever seen posted on the List. Jeez looweez, at least sweep all that crap under the bed! And ruffled wine colored curtains with a matching ruffley valance over a venetian blinds will NOT get you laid. I repeat, will NOT get you laid. Ever.