Sunday, April 03, 2011

How do YOU end a conversation?

Are you ever on a telephone conversation with someone and they end it with "ok, well I have to let you go."

That seriously is irritating. I feel like somehow I am getting fired from the conversation or something. The idea of being "let go" is never a positive one, and even worse when someone basically gives you permission to let your own self go.

If you want off the conversation, put it on yourself.

Also, don't end emails with "Best". It's insincere. Everyone knows you don't really mean it and if in fact you actually DO care, there are much better ways to sign off.

Wow, I am getting cranky and picky in my old age. Ok, well thanks for reading, but I am going to have to let you go now.


Friday, April 01, 2011

Not quite a Volvo....

This morning I got to drive one of these:

I don't get it about cars - four wheels, goes forward, yah yah yah.

But now I get it about THIS car. It handled beautifully. And now me wanty.

Fortunately my good friend and neighbor owns it and says I can borrow it whenever. Oh why yes, yes I am pretty sure I will.