Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ca phe sua da

It is fair to say that I have eaten enough Vietnamese food to build a land bridge from San Diego to Saigon.

However, due to my inability to read Vietnamese, my palate hasn't really expanded across the menu too dramatically.

Turns out though that my neighbor Triet is from Vietnam and more than willing to be my culinary guide. Wooh haa!!

The first thing he introduces me to is some funky liquid-jell0 chunks-noodle thing (drink/dessert? not sure exactly). I think that Sister and I met something similar at an Indian restaurant one time. Some odd concoction involving rose syrup and angel hair pasta...

But it was the second thing that he introduced me to that really made my heart go pitter-pat. It's a lovely thick iced espresso drink called ca phe sua da (caffe suda). It's made in a little funny looking pot and stirred together with condensed milk and served over ice.

Holy crap, it's my new crack.

It's sad that I want one at 8pm on Sunday night.

I wonder what time the restaurant opens tomorrow morning...

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