Thursday, August 24, 2006

You MUST be kidding me!

Gah!! The Mayah nevah ceases to surprise me.

Check out the cover of Wednesday's Boston Herald:

It makes me want to cry.

Mumbles takes a stroll through Dorchester and LO AND BEHOLD!!! a gunman goes racing by him, only TEN FEET AWAY from the Mayah.

How could he have missed!!!

No I am kidding sort of. But really, this smells like a four day old fish.

What kind of publicity stunt was that??

The Mayah goes for a bells n' whistles tour of one of the toughest neighborhoods in Boston, scene of many a crime and it just would look stupid if all he came away with were daisies and candy!

No.... I think someone on Team Menino thought this one up.

Read the article here.

And how is that for a stupid picture of Mumbles looking fierce!
Or pehaps dare I say, brazen?

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