Sunday, August 27, 2006

NahNahNahNah! NahNahNahNah! HeyHeyHey! Goodbye!!!!

I love football. And I love my sister for taking me to last night's pre-season Pats game against the Redskins.

I had a f*cking BLAST!!!!

We got there in time to watch the Redskins run out onto the field. (Booooooooooooo!!!!) and then the Patriots came a'running out (WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!)

Oh yeah and when we got to our seats, turns out we were sitting near a clot of Redskin fans (Boooooooooo!).

Tim, Mike, the big guy, the old guy, and the kid. They were fun, in a drunken Redskin fan at Gillette sort of way, except for the kid - he was sober.

Although curiously enough, Tim the Redskins fan, kept flicking me in the face. Not in a painful way, but in an awkward "stop touching my face way". And um then there was the bird-flipping, he kept flipping me the bird and then I'd flip him the bird, and then he'd flip me the bird, and so on. Highly amusing!

What you don't get on tv is the announcer saying "And that's ANOTHER Patriots...." and the fans all scream "FIRST DOWN!!!!!!!!!"

I love that. (WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!)

Another thing they don't show on tv are the militia men who stand at the endzones and fire off muskets when the Patriots score. Thrilling stuff!!

Well now I am addicted. I CANNOT wait until the next time I can get to a game.

Oh yeah, and before I forget, thanks to the guy who sat next to my sis during the second quarter who kept up a steady stream of instructions to the team (Hit HIMMMM!!!! HIIIIT HIMMM!!! HITTTT HIMM ANNYYYYWAYYY!!!!!!). That's how it's done and we had a great laugh sitting with you!

Oh yeah and one LAST thing.... as it turns out they put the number for the Patriot Cheerleaders in the game day program and we got Tim the Redskins fan to call. I wonder if he'll ever hear back.


Anonymous said...

FYI All You Good People Out There - Miss Von Schtoop is the best person to take to a Pats game. She got flicka'd in the face, by a Redskins fan no less, but she didn't punch him out like I know she was capable...instead she turned the situation around and before he knew what he was doing, he was flirting like a first grader. ahhhh Sweet. Take her to a game, not only is she a lucky charm (41-0) you might get lucky if you flick her face.

Miss. Von Schtoop said...

The penalty for Illegal Use of Hands is an automatic first down. I think the Pats earned a few downs on my tangle with Tim alone!