Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hollywood ADHD

At first I thought the whole Mel Gibson "is a misogynist, an alcohol soaked bigot who drives around hammered" story pretty funny.

But now I am annoyed at the all the stone throwers who think Mel should be run out of Hollywood on a rail. So what if he is an insensitive racist anti-semite bible-thumper. Hmm, sounds like most of the White House admin to me.

Let's have a looky-loo around Hollywood, see who all else should be run outta town on that rail shall we??

Well, how about Angelina Jolie. She knew Brad was married to Jen, but what did she do? She went after him anyway. Do the math, they were certainly dorking while Brad & Jen were still hitched. Just because she buys third world babies doesn't make her smell more like a rose.

President George W. Bush was arrested for driving sh*tfaced in Maine back when he was 30. And one time he said that he hadn't used coke since 1992, but then another time he claimed to have not tooted a little coke since 1974. Ummmm ok.

What about Hugh Grant who picked up a cross-dressing hooker even though he was dating Elizabeth Hurley. Hmmm, who else picks up whores? Eddie Murphy did. So did George Michael.

Michael Jackson anyone? He sees no problem in sleeping with little boys. Ick. Ick. Ick. But I don't see anyone throwing out their Thriller albums.

Yeah, everyone can just calm down about Mel. He's an actor and a fruitloop. Now he's in rehab and taking all the fun out it.

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