Friday, August 25, 2006

Bad bad boy, you get what you deserve.

While the jury wasn't convinced it was racially motivated, the judge sure saw what was before him!

Josiah Spaulding the Third was sentenced today for beating two black girls at a train station.

He didn't get prison time mind you. And yes, at first that concerned me too.

But then I read the part about the judge sentencing him to, among other things, having his Nazi tattoos removed.

I saw this guy at court when I was on jury duty and I will tell you that a) he looks like a complete dork and b) he had to wear his shirt collar buttoned all the way up to cover up those tattoos!

He is going to wish he got prison time.

You can look for yourself at the different types of removal methods ( I caution you - it's gross. It's basically peeling skin off. Bleah!

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