Wednesday, August 09, 2006

When a Hummer just won't do.

A recent article in the Noo Yolk Times pointed out that there is whole new leisure class in the skies: those who upgraded right up and out of first class and straight into private class.

Yep. These days having a super-cocoony Escalanche drive you right up to your private jet is the only way to travel darlings. Simply the only way! Damn the costs! Fuel conservation? That's for losers baby!


You know, they say that Warren Buffet used to travel anonymously in economy class and this is the guy who is so friggin' rich he gave his money to Bill Gates to get rid of it. Not only that, but his kids are rich so that he doesn't even have to sort out an inheritance to leave them.

Compared to a money manager who feels entitled to fly private class, I'd rather put my money in Buffet's hands any day.

In this day and age, it just sort of seems like such a dreadful waste. But then, maybe that's just sour grapes.

Well, no, I prefer flying in a big BIG plane that has a lesser chance of smashing apart into tiny bits on impact.

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