Sunday, August 20, 2006

One Man's Trash...

Is another man's treasure!

First things first: Did you read the one about the guy who fell into a vat of chocolate last week? Yeah, he was stuck in a vat of melted chocolate and in order to get him out of the gooey muck they had to thin out the goo with cocoa butter.

I bet his girlfriend was THRILLED to see him later on that night!

Chocolate dipped boyfriend, they should all come like that.

Then the second item comes from Rob about a chocolate Virgin Mary.


It would seem that a gourmet chocolatier out near Hollywood found a chocolate Virgin Mary under a vat of chocolate.

I've seen the photos and personally I don't see it. At first glance I thought it looked more like an owl, or a falcon. But what the f*ck do I know.

Here is the link to the story and pics: Chocolate Virgin Mary

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