Thursday, August 03, 2006

George W. Bush - What the..?!?!?

My friend Johnny K is back from vay-cay and all I can say is "IT'S ABOUT TIME BRO!"

Glad you're back to blogging handsome!

Ok, so maybe you are wondering about the JK-GWB connection?

Well a while back he posted this link to a comparison between GWB from about ten years ago with the current GWB 2.0

JK suggests that stress could be a factor, I suspect that cocaine & alcohol have something to do with it.

You decide: GEORGE W. BUSH 1994 vs GEORGE W. BUSH 2004

only 900 more days left!

1 comment:

Johnny K said...

The difference is remarkable, regardless of the cause.

And yes I am a handsome divil alright :-) In fact, I was told I look like the bould Colin Farrell when I'm not wearing my specs... I can confirm we share a common vernacular but I think that's where the buck stops.