Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Vroom!! Vrooom!!!

There is a reason I drive (drove) a Satan-mobile beater.

It's because otherwise I would have my licensed revoked for speeding.

When I was 18 I drove a friend's car home from a post-prom party. I think the car was a Mercedes. Whatever it was it sat at 80mph like I was gliding along at 40 and it felt great. Like crack. One hit and all you wanted was more.

So I drive (drove) a beater that wheezes and shudders at 65mph and avoid temptation altogether.

Unlike the State Attorney General in New Jersey.

As it turns out not only does she have a leadfoot, but she's had 12 speeding tickets, 4 bench warrants for her arrest, and her license has been suspended 3 times.

You can see why she wanted to help out her boyfriend who had been busted for speeding himself.

A special investigation determined that she violated state ethics laws by fixing her boyfriends speeding ticket.


I think that the last line of the CNN article sums it up quite nicely:

"She is incapable of leading the fight against official misconduct and abuse of power because her conduct indicates that she does not even recognize what those things are," said state Republican chairman Tom Wilson.

No sh*t

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