Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Say buddy, can you spare a stamp?

Hello lovely readers of Shamrag - I need a stamp from all of you!

What I need you to do is to stick the stamp on an envelope, put a get well card in the envelope, and mail the card & stamp to my neighbor Mrs. T.

Poor Mrs. T had a nasty fall in her house this past weekend, resulting in a badly bruised shoulder and a gash in her head requiring stitches.

As of last night she was feeling quite banged up, but otherwise in ok spirits. However the thing she said to me was that while she felt ok, she was terribly lonely.

And that, my friend, broke my heart.

As you may know from previous posts, Mrs. T lost her husband of fifty years last year. Since then she has struggled mightily with the loss. They used to do everything together and so I think that when she fell, and there was no one there to help her up again, it both scared her and totally reminded her of her loss.

SO, all I ask is that you send her a get well card, or a thinking of you card, or even a post card. You have NO idea how happy that would make her.

Not only that, but you don't have to sign it or explain why or anything. Just an anonymous note to let her know that she is not so totally alone in the world. Just email me for the address.

Plus, not that I don't already, but I will definitely love you more for it. 42 cents more.

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