Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If $23K gets you a liquor license, I wonder how much a whole casino would cost...

At the beginning of the affidavit in the Dianne Wilkerson matter, the FBI agent Krista L. Corr says that she has not "included each and every every fact known" to her regarding the investigation (pg 1, line 18-19).

Oh yeah?

Agent Corr then later alludes to Wilkerson's trip to Foxwoods (pg 12. lines 21-23) and to her being encouraged to go to Foxwoods by the "CW" (pg 15, lines 8-10) after being given $3000 in cash.

Hmmm. I wonder - is Agent Corr trying to lead us to the Wilkerson-Used-Extortion-Money-To-Gamble-At-Foxwoods-Oh-My theory?

OR are a few of those "each and every every fact known" facts that might include a casino at Crosstown? If Wilkerson was willing to take $23K to obtain liquor licenses, I wonder what it would cost to get a casino?

I mean, the mayor is all about bringing a casino to Suffolk Downs so all Wilkerson would have to do is say 'Hey! What about Roxbury? Why don't we get one?' From what I read in the affidavit she likes to play that card to get her way.

Well, I bet that when this is all over some of those facts that Agent Corr is keeping to herself will have something to do with casinos in Massachusetts and Wilkerson trying to figure out how to get herself a slice of that pie and exactly who to lean on for it.

I am jus'sayin'.

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