Monday, September 29, 2008

Behold the power of Facebook!

Remember a few posts back when I bloooooogged about how I was getting some newbie neighbors mail?

Well I kept returning the packages to the post office, but oddly a few of them got returned BACK to me. Even after I brought them to the post office and everything.

Well so anyway today I decided to run the senders name through Facebook. (I deserve no credit at all for this brainwave. My friend MattieMattMatt suggested this trick. )

And lo and behold the sender is indeed on Facebook! I emailed the person, and she emailed me back and turns out that the mailing address was off by a number so I was able to pop the package to the right person this very evening.

I wish I'd been able to meet him though. The packages were addressed to John "Babyfingers" Doe and I am SO curious about that.

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