Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bork! Bork!

Ugh. This debate is making no sense to me at all. It's a pissing match.

Things would get a LOT more interesting if they both just started slapping each other because you know they are just dying to.

And also I quite enjoyed the part where they were both asked to say the same negative things to each other's faces that they say in their ads, and neither could. Now THAT is real life.

With this debate I am definitely seeing things in both candidates that I don't like. And what good is a debate these days anyway? They don't answer the questions, they spin them and dance around them and spew out the lines that they think will get them the vote.

The two candidates can say whatever they like now, but after the election who or what is going to hold them accountable for their campaign promises?

That's right. Nothing.

And for some stupid reason I can't get the Swedish Chef out of my head. With McCain as the Chicken and Obama going Bork! Bork! Two points!

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