Monday, October 06, 2008

Darn Mercury in retrograde

I had to go to the main post office tonight and let me just say that it was Masshole Mania out there tonight.

First of all I got cut off on Frontage Road by a Vespa with a death wish - no directionals, no brake light, just major Massholitude. Seriously who rides a scooter like that? Suicide by scooter is what that is.

Then coming down A Street the car in front of me suddenly veered sharply to the left in order to swing wide to the right and pull a u-turn. Good thing the Champagne Supernova stops on a quarter.

And on Washington Street some bozo in a massive testostertruck came bombing down the bus lane and nearly smashed into the car in front of me when he realized that he need to take a left on Mass Ave and not a right and had about 7 feet to do that. I really thought that the car in front of me was toast. It was all screeching tires and sharply swervy driving.

Blech. I can't wait until un-retrograde.

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Rich said...

Funny post -I like your use of words here. It's scary out there!!