Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Maine Attraction!

The Evil Twin and I went uptah Maine for part of the long weekend and I think I must have said "It's the Maine Attraction!" more times that Rainman said "Ten minutes to Wapner".

I was positive the State of Maine Tourism used that slogan in their advertising, but turns out that the Evil Twin was right and the slogan is "It must be Maine".


Aaaaaaaaanyway. Random Maine photos, with commentary:
(click on the picture to see the big version)

Hampton is a popular place, but the tollbooths were pretty clear.

For a change I wasn't driving so this isn't as dangerous as it usually is for me....

I think that even when I am 97 years old I will still try to get a trucker to blow the horn.

Me & The E.T.!! Our destination was Hallowell, the smallest city in Maine. It is that kind of place where you visit then think about constantly and contemplate moving to. It is a very pretty city.

Most of the downtown buildings were brick, while the ancient homes that dot the city hill were wooden.

Water Street, Hallowell ME

The last rays of the sun. The Kennebec River.

More downtown Hallowell.

And then back on the road to head to the Nutty Professor's house in China. Mostly what we were also doing, aside from driving & eating candy & making farting noises, was leaf peeping. I am pretty sure that the term "leaf peeping" is just a cute term to use, because technically we weren't peeping, it was more like glancing, or gazing...

View from the porch at the Nutty Professor's house. Very conducive to leaf gazing.

We spent the night in China and then went and explored Hallowell again in the morning. We then went to Boothbay Harbor for the afternoon, before toodling home this evening.

All in all I have to say that Maine is a pretty awesome state. I know there is this terrible stereotype of the old Maine fisherman sittin' on a porch saying "ah-yup" and "ya cahnt get thayah from heeyah", but that's just to keep the stupid tourists from making dumb conversation.
The folks I had the pleasure of hanging out with were true Mainers who entertained us in high style. I haven't had a laugh like that in forever, and I am pretty sure that I have eaten about 57,000 more points that Weight Watchers allows.

But I am ready to go back for more. Tomorrow even.

Who's with me?


Stephen said...

mememmem translate ?


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the people who honked at us in Hallowell when we were taking the city pictures! hahahahah ppppppfffffffffffttttttttt.