Friday, November 30, 2007

Nothing like a hostage sitch on a slow news day......

So a guy walks into a campaign office with a couple of flares strapped to him....

Stop me if you've heard this one before.

Sorry, but this was the most ridiculous news event of the day. Well other than that "weather event" barreling toward Boston.

Ugh, give me a BREAK!!

Seriously, the account of it on is hysterical:

"Colonel Frederick Booth, the head of the New Hampshire State Police, said Eisenberg had wanted to speak to Clinton, but negotiators had refused. "As a tactical standpoint, that would have not been a wise move," Booth said." - no sh*t.

"Clinton told the media earlier at a news conference outside her Washington home that it had been a "very difficult day, personally and emotionally." She said she was "especially just relieved to have this situation end so peacefully without anyone being injured."

"I just could not be prouder of the people who are in my campaign," she said.

She held a second news conference in New Hampshire tonight, praising her campaign workers' courage, and thanking law enforcement officials for their work." - hmmmm, lucky her, two press conferences in one day.

"Three staffers, a volunteer, and a small child were in the office when Eisenberg entered. Eisenberg immediately let the mother and child leave. The mother notified police. Two of the other hostages were released; the third escaped, authorities said.... Booth said the hostages had been communicating with the police during the standoff....

"I don't think he fully had control of them during the whole process," he said. He added that the hostages "were extremely helpful in bringing this to a successful conclusion." - this is like one of those mental math problems from school.

Try it with me: There are 3 staffers, a volunteer, and a kid. The volunteer and the child leave. Then 2 staffers leave. How many hostages are you left with?

If you calculated 1, you are correct.

And I would agree that there was some loss of control in the process considering that the hostage pool dwindled from five to one pretty fast.

And the article winds up with this explanation as to why the situation wasn't worse:

"At the trailer park where he lived in Somersworth, about 10 miles from Rochester, neighbors described Eisenberg as "crazy" and "always starting fights." They said he and his wife this summer moved into an old trailer, which they refurbished." - ah ha! damn trailer trash!

"He started fights with people leaving my house," Carlson said. "He was always drunk. I felt sorry for his wife. He was always fighting with her, always throwing things at her. I told her, 'If you have any trouble during the night and you're scared, come over and knock on my door.' He is crazy. I never wanted to speak to him." - so Channel 7 spent the first 9 minutes and the last 2 minutes of their newscast discussing the antics of a trailer park drunk with a couple of flares strapped to him who took a hostage at the Clinton Campaign office?

Huh. You know what I think? I think that Bill is behind this.
It's his way of making up for Monica and the cee-gar.

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