Thursday, November 22, 2007

Random things I am thankful for.

My big list of things I am thankful for, in stream of consciousness order:

1. My grandad is 92, going strong, and one of my top five favorites to just hang out with and shoot the sh*t.

2. I have a job I don't dread going to, that I actually enjoy, with co-workers who don't suck.

3. My new fridge. It's awesome and saved my sanity last night.

4. I don't go hungry. Ever. Seriously, that's a luxury for which I am extremely grateful.

5. Clean water from a tap.

6. I have everything I need and only few wants.

7. My friends. It is the best feeling in the world to know that people unrelated to you like you and want to do stuff with you. That rocks!

8. The Champagne Supernova. She passed inspection for the second year in a row and I didn't have to spend anything on it. Not bad for a $600 car with a $1000 bumper courtesy of U-Haul.

9. My neighbors don't suck. They party, they are good looking, they are pretty nice, and all are mostly friendly - I can't complain.

10. People other than my family read this blog and occasionally comment. Same feeling as number 7.

11. Sassy Sauces. The best sauce on earth.

12. My sister. Cheerleader, comedienne, grounding wire, accomplice, driver, keeper of records as to which closets have skeletons in them... what more could anyone ask for in a best friend.

13. My parents. For the most part they've watched me haphazardly toddle through life like a truculent three year old. They've made sure I didn't die, and they've always, ALWAYS set me back on my feet and have taken my phone call. Plus they are awesome people too.

14. My eyes, back, feet, and head, are mostly pain free. Lots of people complain about eye, back, feet, and head pains and that doesn't not sound fun to me. I would go insane with chronic pain, so I am really thankful I don't have any.

15. Alice's Restaurant.

16. The best turkey. And being able to cook a Thanksgiving meal without stress.

17. Having relatively little stress in my life. It would not suck to win the lottery, but really I only need like $250K to be set. So I don't even need to win the big one.

18. Boston, for all its flaws and idiosyncrasies and idiots and byzantine bureaucracies, is a nice place to live and I live here, so I am glad I live in a nice, interesting, city.

19. I was linked to in an article on Slate and for one glorious and brief moment in time my readership soared above 5,000. Wow & cool!

20. The kind folks at UniversalHub link to me. They don't have to link to me, but they do. That's a thrill that never fades really.

There is much more, but I have to finish the stuffing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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