Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I'm 92. How are you?

That is now my Grandpa's new official greeting as of October 29th.

His plan is to live to be 100. He got a book, did the research, he is a man with a plan!

He lives on his own in a regular apartment building, dates more than I do, and instead of enjoying the Red Sox Rolling Rally the other day, he managed to somehow get a ride across Boylston Street in an ambulance.

Turns out that he was trying to cross Boylston Street some time before the Rally and the cops wouldn't let him. I guess they thought it was easier to hold back a 92 year old with a walker then to let him break the line and rush the players.

(Let me just also say that Grampy walks when the fancy strikes him since he gave up his car some years back)

Well a nice lady in the crowd started to make a fuss on his behalf and an ambulance driver stepped in, put Gramps, walker and all, into his "bus" and tried to cross Boylston.

But the cops wouldn't let the ambulance cross either. So on when the siren and the lights and the end result was that Gramps made it across.

I've left out some important details to this story to protect the helpful...

How he got home is a different story.

But my point is that the best thing about my darling Grandpa is that when we call him to ask him how his day went, this is the kind of story we get.

Not about how they served mushed peas again for lunch in the cafeteria.

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