Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh shutcher sweet potato pie hole!

Seriously, the way that people are complaining about Bob's Southern Bistro closing, you'd think there wasn't anywhere else to find decent soul or southern food in the entire city of Boston.

So what if the owner of Bob's is tired of serving up regular ol' Southern food. He wants to spend all his effort at the Beehive. Whatever, that's his business. Clearly he is more interested in catering to a more yuppified & moneyfied milieu, which he didn't seem able to do on the outer edges of the South End.

Ok, so let him.

And hey, a burger joint in the heart of Northeastern country, that sort of seems appropriate. The demographic of the area has changed, for better or for worse, and who's to say that something shouldn't change for nostalgia's sake. Wait until they close Wally's and convert it to a Starbucks. Or flip New York Pizza into a Qdoba.

Because if you are seriously going to need a soul food fix, Chef Lee's hasn't closed. Neither has Ray's Soul Kitchen. Nor Mrs. Jones.

Or if you need some really good BBQ give M&M BBQ a try. It's a food truck that operates out of an old junk yard over on Hampden Street. I think they used to be over on Columbia Road, or maybe now they have two "locations".

Why not support these fine establishments with the same bellyaching fervor?

And call me if you do, because I will pretty much drop everything for a plate of ribs.

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