Sunday, November 11, 2007


As you dear & loyal readers know by now - I am an island in a sea of students.

And I am hesitant to be judgy, but empirical data suggests that Northeastern students are more likely than their Boston Conservatory counterparts to party with loud music, louder friends, and more shouts of "BOOOOOYAH!!!!!"

I have been know to complain about it once or twice.

So yesterday evening there is a knock at my door and it is the girl next door and no wonder the boys send her because she is perfectly charming. She gave me her cellphone number and said they were going to have a party but to call if it got too loud.

And yeah, they were loud. But I think because I was expecting it I was able to sleep through most of it. Unfortunately a couple of loud & rowdy party goers went berserk in the back yard crushing cans and shouting at around 2:30 which woke me up.

But from the sounds of it the hosts roped them back in pretty quick. I managed to roll back over to sleep. However, I thought I might have heard a doorbell and someone say "police" but I might have been dreaming that part.

At any rate the party did seem to peter out by 2:45am.

All I can say, from things I've read over at UniversalHub, I am just excited they are not BU or BC students.

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