Saturday, November 17, 2007

Diemand Farm - best damn turkey!

I love Diemand Farm.

For the past five years we've gone to get our holiday turkey from them and have not been disappointed.

The best part about going out to the farm (aside from the scenic 160 mile drive) is that they have a little shop where you go pick up yer bird, where they also sell assorted other things: eggs, stock (turkey & chicken), pot pies, soups, sausage, ground turkey meat, gravy, and really delicious deviled eggs.

You go in and everyone sort of stares at you like you came from outer space (stupid city folk - that's us). There is lots of activity, pot pies being made, people playing cards, and basically lots of farm-related flurry going on. It's a farm, so duh.

But they are super nice and entertain my city girl questions with good humor ("um so you just let the turkeys run around outside?" "Uh, yeah")

Then because we are tuckered out from hefting turkeys around we go to the Old Mill. Today was actually the first time we ever had to wait to be seated. The service was desultory as ever but hey, that's what Turkey Shoot is all about!

If you ever want a really great turkey, raised with love (because the way that Faith talked about her poults, she definitely loves them), and maybe some of the best deviled eggs ever, I tell you - go to Diemands.

You will not be disappointed.


Prince Hamiltion said...

How do you put those pictures on the map?

Lily VS said...

It's a drag and drop function in Flickr. I think I stumbled on it through the 'Organize' tab. Cool huh!