Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Turkey Shoot Weekend Approaches

This weekend is IT, whoo hoo

I am so excited. I love Thanksgiving ("Thanks for the country! Sorry about the smallpox!)

I love going out to western Mass with Grandpa and getting the turkey. I make him shoot it with his blunderbuss, just like in olden times.

And instead of frittering away my youth with blogging for my mom and my sister's amusement, I am typing my recipes into Excel and making a shopping spreadsheet. NaNoWhatMo?

Anyone who knows me is laughing at that last bit about using excel.

Right now I am cooking for 10 (I think, maybe 12) but I am really going to make enough for 14 so that we can have lots of leftovers.

There is nothing like Thanksgiving to smother an entire plate of otherwise healthy veg and lean meat with tasty gravy!

Or to start drinking ridiculous amounts of alcohol at 1pm on a Thursday.

Bring on the old Kentucky bourbon. Who doesn't love a little Puritan Punch to get the party started....

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