Friday, June 13, 2008

To all the Helipeeers and Sneaky Poopers

OK let me explain something about poop.

It's alot like B.O. - you can never quite smell your own like other people can. If you take a dump at work, you better have some kind of spray.

Don't get me wrong, pooping is a completely natural & necessary body function and sometimes you have to go in public. But please, be prepared.

There is something particularly overwhelming about walking into an overheated, humid, bathroom that stinks of poo-bomb.

Granted that a spray will only mask the smell, but at least is smells better than your poop that you can't even smell in the first place. Because seriously, your own poo always smells worse than you think it does.

Now, on to you Helipeeers. You are the ladies who hover just above the toilet seat to pee because you don't want to sit atop someone else's dried up old pee-pee.

I respect that 100%.

However I do ask that if you lay down a fine spatter of pee-pee droplets all over the seat, use a wad of toilet paper to wipe it off.

Not only is it kind of gross to look at, but then it smells like some dank cement stairwell downtown.

And that's not fun. Unless you want to be in a dank dark cement stairwell that smells like pee-pee, but then you are probably really just looking for a place to smoke crack.

1 comment:

Lyss said...

I can't stand the Helipeers. They don't want to sit in it, and are toos tupid to understand that no one wants to sit in theirs... or wipe it up after them.