Friday, June 13, 2008

Massholes of every variety.

This is a post to rant about everyone engaged in forward motion.

Seriously, Bostonians lose their mind in the heat.

Drivers: two things, when you merge you are supposed to zipper into the lane. It just makes better sense rather than trying to jam your way in. And something I noticed in Cambridge (because of the better marked bike lane) is that drivers swerve into the bike lane. If you can't get around a turning car, the bike lane is for a bike, not for impatient drivers. Please make a note!

Pedestrians: stop jumping out from between two parked cars in to cross the street. I will gladly stop for you at any crosswalk of your choice, so why test my brakes unnecessarily? Also, to the dopey guy who just had to cross against the light, the reason the cars were moving to the sides of the crosswalk was because they were trying to clear the way for an ambulance. And trying to assert your right of way against said ambulance as it was turning the corner took balls.

Cyclists: a red light isn't just for cars so you can't swear at a pedestrian using a crosswalk when you try bombing through it. The pedestrian didn't get in your way, you are being an a**hole. Also, riding on the sidewalk is really really lame. Please don't unless your bike has training wheels.

I don't know what is wrong with me with all this criticism!

Eh, it must be the heat.
Or the humidity.

Or maybe because I recently renewed my Masshole license.

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Wayne said...

Amen to all the offenses listed.