Tuesday, June 10, 2008

8 Days! Whoops! I am the worst blogger EVAR!!!

Oh but you know what? It is SH*T hot out.

Right now I am sitting here shvitzing like you would not believe and for some reason I am completely dusty, like a powdered donut.

I think it was from the half-assed weeding in the garden I did earlier.

But really I am too hot to be funny or in any way creative.

Eh, more tomorrow. The weather will break and I will feel less like a lint-covered half-sucked Lifesaver at the bottom of Nana's handbag.

So in the meantime, here is a little double hotness to take the edge off.


42 said...

hah, shvitzing. I said "I'm shvitzing like a schlepper" to a friend the other (hot) day and got the total blank look. I hate having to explain.

Krys D. said...

Why don't they make guys like these anymore?