Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Night Ha Ha

So I watched Tootsie again tonight.

People say it is a funny movie, that it is a classic in the American Pantheon of Comedy. But really you have no frigging idea how funny it really truly is until you see it back on the big screen in a theater full of people laughing out loud.

I laughed m'balls off.

Rent it immediately, if just for the tomato scene where Michael (Dustin Hoffman) tries to explain to his agent George (Sidney Pollack) why it is illogical for a tomato to sit down.

Or to watch the hilarious Teri Garr explain that she read the Second Sex and the Cinderella Complex and that she is responsible for her own orgasms, so don't tell her you love her!

So very funny without rubbing your face in it. And worth it for the glimpses of pre-glossified New York.

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