Monday, June 02, 2008


That is how I sound right now. Exactly as if I swallowed a fork.

It is as annoying to listen to me as it is to be feeling like this. I refuse to believe that it is anything more than allergies though. Which, as the Evil Twin pointed out, I would say in the event I broke my arm or fell off a ladder. Oh allergies! It's my standard diagnosis.

I took some Aleve and drank a ton of water and a Claritin. Possibly I will knock back a few doses of Tylenol PM before bed tonight and I am sure I will feel better in the AM.

At least I better feel better because tomorrow I am going out for oysters with two of my most favorite people ever. And anyway oysters are practically medicinal.

But today I am cooped up in the house feeling like caca-poo-poo and being bored out of my mind.

I was too restless to watch TV so I watched out the window for a while, hoping for a kerfuffle, but no dice. I did notice though that during the day there are a lot of big trucks on my street, going up and down, or occasionally parking for no discernible reason.

Also, there are a f*ck lot of birds in my backyard. Seriously, it is comical. I was on the phone with Evil Twin and the window was open and some bird was twazzling away outside and she thought it was some kind of alarm.

So when I say there are a lot, I mean like more than a bunch.

If I wasn't a bird person, it would make me nuts. But you know, I love birds.

Ok well there is the allergy medicine kicking in. Time for a nap.

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Anonymous said...

feel better soon!!