Monday, June 23, 2008

Me n' My Retentive Memory

Someone once told me that a guppy can only retain 2 seconds of memory. I am not entirely sure how that could be measured, but ok.

Right about now I feel like a guppy, sort of.

I know that Saturday was a beautiful day, gorgeous and warm and light for a very long time. I know this because I can look it up on the weather service and that's what it told me.

However, yesterday the weather was crap. And today more of the same. And as far as I am concerned it has been crap like FOREVER.

My hair hasn't dried straight since March, there is a low pressure system camped out in my sinus area, and I think that Spanish moss is starting to grow in my backyard.

It rains in fits and starts. There is the occasional rumble of thunder. And the birds are going friggin' BONKERS in the backyard.

Seriously, what we need is a big sneeze from the environment. It needs to lash rain, thunder & lightening like the hammers of Thor, and then it needs to dry out once and for all.

Because pretty soon sh*t's going to start to go moldy. And droopy.

1 comment:

joey said...

what?! that was the most re-cockulous blog entry of all time. thanks for making the guppy now sound more intelligen.