Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pick your own apples suckah!

I have to laugh.

Every single year I buy the most expensive apples ever.

This year it was $11 for a peck of apples at Honey Pot Hills. Did you know that a peck is roughly equal to 10-12 lbs of apples, or about 32 medium apples? Now you know.

I did not bring home that many apples this time. This year I only allowed myself to bring home as many as I will actually eat or cook. Not how many I think would look great artfully strewn about the kitchen a la Martha Stewart.

And a gallon of apple cider. Which according to Ennairda's mom will go "hard" if I leave it out under the porch to ferment. Which I've not yet had success with since I drink it way too fast (in a mug and in the micro for a minute, yum!!).

What makes me laugh is that the orchard grows the apples, and then get people to pay them $$$ to pick them for them!

And then there are the hordes to contend with at the "farmstand", which has now evolved into something more akin to a "farmsupermarket". However, the lure of the caramel apple, now called a carmel apple, or maybe a cider donut, is too great and so into the horde we push.

I mean really, if I went to Star Market and saw bags of apples for sale for $11 I'd be like "Are you sh*tting me!!! Get the f*ck out with those expensive apples!"

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