Monday, September 04, 2006

Country show round up - yeeee hawwwww!

Ok, so far this year I have been to, and thoroughly enjoyed, the following shows:

George Strait
Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
Kenny Chesney
Toby Keith

I have about 6 friends who like country music and this post is for them.
The rest of you can go back to your Scissor Sisters and your Barry Manilow.

For pure old school the George Strait show was excellent. It was a fairly formulaic show, he had four microphones set up on a square stage and sang a song at each. He wasn't to interested in engaging in small talk with the audience but the performance was solid. For an older fellow he still has that sexy cowboy way about him, and all the older ladies in the crowd went about as wild as they were going to go without actually standing up.

This was the third time I have seen Tim McGraw in concert and everytime it's been with my good friend Kimmaaaaayyyyy. Who practically faints when Tim comes out on stage. So really at this stage I go mostly to splash cold water on her face. The Faith and Tim show was excellent. It was well-scripted and they are clearly made for each other and it was impossible not to leave in a great mood. We were seated so close to the stage it felt like we could reach out and pat the two-eggs-in-a-hankie ass that Tim packs into those tight jeans of his. Heeeee hawwwww!!!!

Easily one of the more fun things I got up to this summer was tailgating at the Kenny Chesney/99.5 WKLB Country Festival at Gillette Stadium. From the girl dancing on top of the truck flashing her hillbilly hooters to the parking lot to Ryan's famous steak tips I had a blast. There were a few acts before big gay Kenny came on, but the only one that was a standout was Big & Rich who electrified the audience as usual. I am waiting for them to do their own tour, that will be quite a show! Sadly they were followed by a lackluster Gretchen Wilson who was the last one before Kenny. He loves performing in Boston and it shows. Not only does he spend time in Boston, but his show brought in $4 million dollars in one day, a record at Gillette. Not even the Rolling Stones hit that high water mark.

And finally Toby Keith. Now that show is ALL rock and country. This show was at the Tweeter Center and I got to enjoy Steve Holy on the second stage (he is a great performer, and will be in Lowell on September 20th). Then we went into the Toby show which kicked off with him firing off a blast from a cannon(?) that shot out Toby-dollars. Scared the crap outta me though. He played all the songs I wanted to hear and then some. He also loves playing New England and we were all sure glad to see him. Too bad about the stupid drunk kids in front of us, one of whom kept awkwardly trying to kiss his buddy before throwing up on the row in front of him. But it was fun to watch.

So cowboys and girls, that's the country concert round up as it stands so far. Hopefully I can get in one or two more before the year is out. Maybe Steve Holy, hopefully Big & Rich....

Like the tee shirt says: sorry cowboy, in my corral, 8 seconds ain't no ride!


Anonymous said...

It was a great show, however, I thunk we could have done w/o the amateur version of Brokeback Mountain..dude that was nasty..poor girl behind us being berrated by the dork she was with. All in all, quite the show.

Anonymous said...

Kenny ain't gay...that 8 second ride was maaaaaagic.

Anonymous said...

Oh, he is gay, ask his boyfriend Uncle Cracker..