Thursday, September 21, 2006

I got a brand new boyfriend!

This week was the Steve Holy show at the Brewery Exchange in Lowell, MA. Bless his country-fried heart, he drove 22 hours straight from Nashville, going on stage about an hour late.

And even better there were only like 60 people at the whole show. Making it sort of a serenade, it was very cute. Believe me when I say it was special.

He did a hilarious imitation of Tim McGraw, changing the words "don't take the girl" to "don't shoot the squirrel" and using a cowboy hat to great dramatic effect. And of course waited until the very last minute to sing his hit "Brand New Girlfriend" in order to keep the audience in the building.

What I couldn't figure out though was that seeing as how he went on over an hour late, they had all that time to sort out the sound, yet when Steve went on, his mic didn't work. Curious.

And another thing - the Brewery Exchange is a fab place to see a show. They employ a small army of waitstaff to bring food and drink to you at your seat! So civilized!

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