Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Guilty Pleasure

I have a number of guilty pleasures and one among them is the show Bridezillas.

It's a fact that just about all women have a little Bridezilla in them, even if their bridesmaids, sisters, and mothers swear BLIND that their hissy fits are totally justified.

Eh, that's what your friends and family do for you, they lie to make you feel better.
(Although I personally have never had to lie to any of my bride-friends evah, I sweah!)

But there is nothing more car-crash thrilling than watching a grown woman melt down into a puddle of tears, mascara, and f-bombs over a less than perfect corsage for the ring bearer. And their weddings always look SO tacky for all the bitching and moaning that goes on.

Ahhhh, the bleep-bleep-bleeping of a cranked Bridezilla! Certainly scratches that itch anyway.

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