Thursday, September 14, 2006

2006 Annual Turkey Shoot

A few years back I got obsessed with finding the best tasting turkey EVER since supermarket turkey tastes like chicken to me and you can't eat the neck because of all the hormones and antibiotics they inject via the neck.

I tried them all: brined, kosher, smoked, fried, spatchcocked, flavor-injected, spice-rubbed, cooked at very high heat (hellooo fireman!), cooked in a woodstove, cooked at a low heat, braised, boiled....

Anyway, you get the idea.

Lots of places offered gourmet, organic, free-range, heirloom turkey but I didn't want to pay $5 a pound for something I'd have to mail order anyway.

I found myself turning to GoogleGenie and found the Diemand Farm out in western Massachusetts. And holy crap they have the best turkey I have ever tasted.

Driving out there the first time was an adventure. The farm is out in the back of beyond, in Deliverance country so I kept the car doors locked. But once we got there it was well worth it. Not only do they sell turkey (which needs to be pre-ordered because they process everything by hand - no bleach!) but they have the best devilled eggs and turkey pot pies.

Grandpa, Kimaaaaaay, and I now go each year on what we call "The Turkey Shoot" to pick up Thanksgiving turkeys.

And if you want to order one, and you live in the Boston area, we'll pick yours up too!

Gobble, gobble!


Anonymous said...

What in the world are you doing up at 4:55am? Feeding your crazy birds? Are you still going north to seeSteve Holley?

Anonymous said...

You are quite funny, some very humorous posts.