Saturday, January 14, 2006

Uppi Pai

After a brief, but beloved, stint as a manicurist, I am now back at the Bakery.

One thing that I am trying to get everyone back in the habit of is to label everything that goes into the fridge.

And almost more importantly, date it, because after all who cares WHAT it was after six weeks and a pale green-blue bloom has blossomed.

This past week I came across something labelled: uppi pai

Let me first explain that my fellow kitchen magician speaks no English except for: "heybabyhowyoodoin"

But his Brazilian Portuguese is first rate!

Anyway... as it turns out, "uppi pai" is how a person from Brazil who doesn't speak English spells "whoopie pie"

Now, I am bringing in chocolate-filled whoopie pies and call them "yippee pies".

I can admit I am sort of excited to see how this turns out phonetically from a Brazilian.

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