Thursday, January 05, 2006

And another thing!

Yesterday I watched as a man verbally assaulted a woman in the street, while a whole bunch of us watched.

Okay, okay, let me explain.

The man in question pulled his shiny Jeep Cherohonkee into a bus stop while he ran into the supermarket.

Along came an meter maid who tagged the car.
(note that he was ticketed only, not flagged for a tow)

As she is tucking the ticket in and walking away the guy comes out and sees the ticket.

And boy does he fly off the handle.

He starts shouting at her, a fountain of foul language erupts from this fellow, and all pedestrian traffic slows to a stop. We can't help watch this human wreck.

And then he caps the whole tirade off by screaming to her that he sucked her son's pee-pee.


Ok, dude, that makes YOU look bad.

And besides, when else in your life can you be so defensive about blatantly disregarding the rules.

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