Monday, January 16, 2006

The Golden Globes

Ok so watching the Golden Globes is like reading UsPeopleNationalEnquirerStar all at once.

Drew Barrymore wore a startling bright green thing that made her look like a jolly green giantess with great big nipples. Seriously, they had to zoom in on her face in order to avoid a great big FCC fine.

Geena Davis showed up in an outfit that made her look like a Bloody Mary.

Pam Anderson really is a dumb dyed blond. And why was she wearing so much clothes?

Mary Louise Parker liked Chris Rock alot more AFTER she won. Uptight or what!

Unlike the Oscars, the award show is like a great big famous people dinner. Awards are presented while celebs eat and drink which is why a lot of waiters occasionally end up on the TV. Everyone can get their five minutes of fame on this night.

I can wait until a little later when everyone starts slurring their words....

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