Saturday, January 21, 2006

Thanks for Chevroletasaurus!

I read the obits like a little old lady.

However, I would very much have liked to have met this man:

He was Jim Gary and you can read all about him here. In fact, it is required reading ok.

I especially liked the fact that he would move his works around the country on a flatbed and "(c)urious drivers often followed the dinosaurs down the road for miles."

He created art and beauty out of waste and junk, out of things that are out of sight out of mind for most people.

Who wouldn't love someone who "turned leaf springs into rib cages and generator fans into huge lash-ringed eyes. For the spinal plates of a stegosaurus, he used part of a garbage truck's compactor. For its tail spikes, he used Chevrolet shock absorbers. He also built smaller pieces, among them humpbacked turtles that began life as Volkswagen Beetles."

Thanks Jim!

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